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The bandname 'Target' was changed into 'Ywis' and we managed to release our first LP.
The higlight came in October 1984 when we played at a 4 day music festival centered around Sokolov, Czechoslovakia.
After I left the band in 1985, Rene van Spanje took over as keyboard player.


Herman Ruijters - drums, vocals
Julian Driessen - lead keyboards
Rinus Hollenberg - guitars, vocals
Erik Stap - bass
Geert van der Burg - lead vocals, keyboard

Sylvia van Heck - lyrics
Rob Rehorst - engineer
Hans van der Valk - light/artwork
Ingrid Schoen - vocals (from 1984)
Sandra Stalder - vocals (from 1984)
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Playing The Game (CD)

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Discography: (click here for pictures of albums)

1983 - Ywis - Ywis (LP/Mini-rock records)
1985 - Planeta Lidi (compilation LP/Supraphone, "Common sense vs. bombs")
1985 - Ywis - Homo Sapiens & Thirst (Single/Supraphone)
1993 - Ywis - Ywis re-release (CD/Simply 34 - SI-Music)
1993 - Ywis - Ywis re-release (CD/Xerox/Japan)
1994 - Master Volume Project - Comp. VII (CD/Xerox, "Homo Sapiens")
1994 - 2nd SI Music Sampler (CD/Simply 48 - SI-Music, "Homo Sapiens")
1995 - Ywis - Leonardo's Dream (CD/SI-Music/Roadrunner)

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