1995 DREAMCARNATION 2000   Pictures:
Symphonic-rock project inspired by

the books of Clive Barker,

with many musicians from the

Netherlands, including members

from FAF, Timelock and November.

Written by Rob Rehorst, Rob de Vries

and Julian Driessen.

Recorded at Holland Spoor Studio

(Den Haag) and released on CD

in 2000 by LaBraD'or records.


The drums on 8 songs are played by Ed Wernke, drummer of For Absent Friends and November. For list of complete cast on the CD see here.

The CD-presentation was performed live by:

  • Jolanda de Vries - Vocals
  • Ruud Stoker - Vocals
  • Karel Messemaker - Vocals
  • Martin Hendriks - Guitar
  • Bert de Bruijne - Bass
  • Mike Boekhout - Drums
  • Julian Driessen - Keyboards