1975 YWIS 1984 Pictures:
  • In 1975 I started a band called 'Indigo'.
  • In 1978 changed name to 'Scarab'. (pictures Indigo/Scarab)
  • In 1979 changed name to 'Binaire', backing group for cabaretgroup with Sylvia van Heck.
  • In 1980 changed name to 'Barock'.
  • In 1981 changed name to 'Target'. In all off the above bands Herman Ruijters was the drummer. In 1982 Target had the same musicians that would become 'Ywis'.
  • In march 1983 the band 'Ywis' was founded en started plans to make an LP with own songs. The music was very enfluenced by Saga and Rush. Greatest moment for me was a 'tour' through Tsjechoslowakia.
  • Rinus Hollenberg - Guitars
  • Geert van den Burg - Vocals
  • Herman Ruijters - Drums
  • Erik Stap - Bass
  • Julian Driessen - Keyboards
  • Sylvia van Heck - Lyrics
My equipment:
  • Farfisa organ
  • Elka piano
  • Siel Orchestra
  • Korg MS-1 synthesizer
  • Korg Sequencer