TIMELOCK Pictures:
Formed in 1991, stopped in 2009, line-ups:
  • Drums: Rob Louwers, Ed Wernke (guesting), Rob Boshuizen, Mike Boekhout
  • Guitars: Rinus Hollenberg, Peter Stoker, Martin Hendriks, Ronald de Milt
  • Bass: Bert de Bruijne
  • Vocals: Ruud Stoker
  • Keys: Julian Driessen

For current details see the Timelock homepage at: www.timelock.eu

2008: New CD 'Buildings', information: www.xymphonia.com

  1. Species of one
  2. The Sheltering Sky
  3. Afterlife (Philo says)
  4. Memories of an identity
  5. Between Frontiers
  6. Waiting for the punchline
  7. Ben Mundo
  8. Moonchild
  9. We can not

(Bert de Bruijne, Ruud Stoker, Mike Boekhout, Ronald de Milt en Julian Driessen)