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  • In 1985 I played in the coverband Sunday Afternoon At Disneyland (SAD) where I met singer Ruud Stoker.
  • In 1986 we formed 'Creeping Flesh' with Herman Ruijters, Bert de Bruijne and Peter Stoker.
  • In 1987 we renamed ourselves to 'Year and a day'. We recorded a demo and stopped soon after.
  • Ruud and I then formed together with guitarist Bart Feis the band 'The Last Detail'. Greatest moment for me was to be the support-act for Saga in Tilburg.
  • Vocals: Ruud Stoker
  • Guitars: Bart Feis
  • Bass-1: Bert de Bruijne (LP, CD1)
  • Bass-2: Peter Stoker (CD1, 2, 3)
  • Drums-1: Rene Kerst (LP)
  • Drums-2: Andy de Zeeuw (CD1, 2, 3)
  • Keyboards: Julian Driessen

My equipment:

  • Korg Poly-six
  • Yamaha DX-9
  • Akai X7000 sampler
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