For Absent Friends Pictures:
In 2000 at the CD presentation for Dreamcarnation, Ed Wernke and Ed Roes asked me to replace Peter de Jong, who just left the band. I thougt it was great that such an experienced band asked me to play for them. In the past The Last Detail and Timelock performed with them. I said yes, and since then I have done concerts with FAF and I appear on one song of their new album 'The Big Room'. This CD is their last with Peter de Jong who almost completed recording when I joined. In 2003 FAF decided to work with a new keyboard player. Ron Mozer took over from me.

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  • Ed Wernke - drums
  • Edwin Roes - guitars
  • Rene Bacchus - bass, piano, vocals
  • Hans van Lint - vocals, guitar
  • Peter de Jong - keys (1)
  • Julian Driessen - keys (2)
  • Ron Mozer - keys (3)