2008 Timelock Buildings CD Xymphonia- records JDX-studio New CD,

9 songs.

2003 For Absent Friends the official bootleg dvd DVD-R none Pelican Productions DVD made by FAF containing video-clip, photo's and live music, some of it with me.
2002 Timelock Circle of Deception CD Xymphonia- records Holland Spoor (Den Haag) Symphonic-rock, ten songs. Released on 1-11-2002.
2002 NEL Demo CDR-single none Holland Spoor (Den Haag) Three coversongs on this demo-cd. Released on 5-10-2002.
2001 For Absent Friends The Big Room CD Red Sea Records Markant Studios (Heeze) Symfonic-rock from Rotterdam. I play on one song: "We can not", also released as a CD-single in 2004.
2001 JD Het MBT door de jaren heen Video Min. VROM Home-recording & Van Dijk Video Productions I made and played the new-age like music underneath this documentary.
2000 NEL Demo 2000 CDR-single none Home-recording Four coversongs with this 70's disco-cover band.
2000 Dreamcarnation Dreamcarnation CD LaBraD'or records Holland Spoor (Den Haag) I play all the keys on this symphonic-rock project and co- produced it with Rob Rehorst.
1999 Between Hooks Innocent CDR none Holland Spoor (Den Haag) Rock-covers, I play as a guest on this five song demo.
1998 The Classics Guitar-Mania CD Reiger Records Holland Spoor (Den Haag) Guitar-music, I play as a guest on one song: "Rounding the cape".
1994 Timelock The Dawn CD SI-Music DB-studio (Scheveningen) Symphonic-rock, ten songs.
1993 Ywis Ywis CD SI-Music DB-Studio (Den Haag) Re-issue of the original album, remastered and some parts we recorded again.
1993 Timelock SI Compilation Disc CD SI-Music DB-studio (Den Haag) We perform one song: "Touchdown".
1992 Timelock Louise Brooks CD SI-Music DB-studio (Den Haag) Symphonic-rock, ten songs I wrote together with Ruud Stoker and Rinus Hollenberg.
1991 The Last Detail SI Compilation Disc Too CD SI-Music DB-studio (Den Haag) We perform one song: "Man out of time", last recording with this band.
1991 The Last Detail The Wrong Century CD-single SI-Music DB-studio (Den Haag) Symphonic-rock, four songs.
1990 The Last Detail At Last... The Tale CD FREIA DB-Studio (Den Haag) Symphonic-rock, fifteen songs I wrote together with Ruud Stoker and Bart Feis.
1989 The Last Detail Exposure (compilation album) LP FREIA DB-studio (Rijswijk, Don Bosco) We perform one song: "Mirrors" on this symphonic-rock compilation album.
1989 The Last Detail Demo 1989 Cassette FREIA DB-studio (Rijswijk, Don Bosco) Recording of five demo songs, we used some for the CD-recordings.
1989 The Last Detail Waterford Cassette FREIA Home 8-track Story with twelve songs, we used some for the CD-recordings.
1988 The Last Detail The Silhouette Cassette FREIA Home 8-track First Symphonic-rock songs I wrote with Ruud Stoker.
1987 Year and a Day Year and a Day Cassette none DB-studio (Rijswijk, Don Bosco) Demo with four songs of first band I formed with Ruud Stoker.
1985 Sunday Afternoon At Disneyland Live Cassette none Live-recording Live demo of this coverband I played in briefly with singer Ruud Stoker.
1985 Ywis Homo Sapiens/ Thirst Single Supraphone John Bake (Amsterdam) After playing in Sokolov this single was released in Tsjechoslowakia.
1985 Ywis Planeta Lidi (compilation album) LP Supraphone John Bake (Amsterdam) We perform one song: "Common sense vs. bombs" after a tour through Tsjechoslowakia.
1983 Ywis Ywis LP Mini-rock records John Bake (Amsterdam) Self-produced album of the first symphonic rock band I formed.



We Can Not


Red Sea Records

Markant Studios (Heeze)

Released after I left the band.

1995 Ywis Leonardo's Dream CD SI-Music DB-Studio (Den Haag) I was thanked for helping to write one song, I didn't play on the CD.
1993 Ywis Ywis CD SI-Music/Xerox DB-studio (Den Haag) The Ywis re-issue on CD was also released in Japan!
1990 Strangers on a train The Key CD SI-Music several different studio's I was thanked for 'reverbal' assistance (they used my Q-verb) but I didn't play on the album.